Prophetic Novel

What is the ultimate terrorist scenario? One that could collapse financial markets, bring governments to their knees and strike terror into the heart of every person?

Sulaiman Hadid knows the answer. Not a single bullet or missile will have to be fired. No explosives ingeniously hidden from airport scanners. The plan is so simple and completely undetectable. And the U.S. government has made it even easier. With his eyes closed, he could hit the target.

He was called for a time like this, prophesied hundreds of years ago. A time of moral decay and degradation. A time of godlessness and self-indulgence. The stench has filled God’s nostrils. With a strong hand, the Creator will separate tares from wheat. From the ashes, He will raise a new order, one that is holy, undefiled, and faithful.

The end is near. A new beginning at hand.

The Christ Virus immediately drew me into its compelling story-line. Eeerily plausible, it leaves the reader wondering, ‘What if…?’ and sends one looking to both the newspaper as well as the apocalyptic literature of Scripture. It’s clear that Dave Slade has done both. Brilliantly researched, this book provokes a sense of caution in the current geopolitical environment.

Skip Heitzig

Author of You Can Understand the Book Of Revelation, Senior Pastor Calvary Church

Author Dave Slade delivers. This story is a riveting thrill ride with elements of action, suspense, biblical prophecy, and themes seemingly ripped from today’s headlines. You’ll come away after reading The Christ Virus asking yourself the haunting question: could this all actually happen?

Joel Richardson

New York Times Bestselling Author of Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist, Author

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