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As a former newspaper reporter who covered local and county politics in New Mexico, Dave Slade is a veteran observer of political machinations. After reporting, he added to his experience by teaching U.S. Government and Journalism at the secondary level.

Over the last twenty-nine years, Dave has owned three real estate companies, developing a unique brand in the Albuquerque market as a Christian Realtor. He has had the privilege of successfully working with thousands of families across the United States.

Dave spent four years teaching a Bible study to incarcerated men at Bernalillo County Detention Center. He also led a group of business people through a four-year study that he designed on the Bible’s prophetic books. A graduate of the Calvary School of Ministry, Dave serves as a leader in the Challenge Men’s fellowship at Calvary of Albuquerque and writes a blog called the Prophecy Update for the ministry.

A former Golden Glove boxer, he lives in New Mexico with his wife, Holly, and two dogs, Steinbeck and Squirt.

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Dark Star Rising

The Christ Virus


In the world of religious novels, Dave is making a mark for realistic and incredibly possible story lines.

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