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Spectrum Daily Interview

October 12, 2021

Spectrum Daily HD 10 12 21 guest segment Dave Slade.

Prophecy Watchers

November 18, 2020

In 2012, 8 long years ago, author Dave Slade released a fictional novel he called The Christ Virus. He based it on his biblical view of the future with respect to the end-time pandemics and pestilences we see prophesied in the New Testament. In a strange and bizarre twist, he predicted that a wealthy Republican from the state of New York would be elected President and face the challenge of a lifetime … finding a cure for a mutated virus that brings the whole world to its knees and shuts down civilization as we know it. Gary Stearman interviews Dave as they discuss the COVID-19 virus and how it relates to Bible prophecy and to our collective futures. Is this pandemic an indication that we are close to the end of the Church Age?

"Christ Virus" Story on ABQ Connect 09-14-20

by Jim Williams with Dave Slade | KNKT Radio

The “Christ Virus” Podcast

In 2012 Author Dave Slade released his thriller, “The Christ Virus.” Was the book prophetic because it foretold the 2016 election of a wealthy Republican from New York to the presidency? How did Dave know there would be an outbreak of a deadly pandemic in 2019? These are exciting questions, but it will send a chill up your spine when you read about the events in the story yet to come.

Spectrum Daily Interview

July 14, 2020

Spectrum Daily HD 07 14 20 guest segment Dave Slade.

The Christ Virus OAN Morning News Interview

May 1, 2020

The Christ Virus Promo Video

August, 2012

"Christ Virus" Interview on ABQ Connect 03-10-20

by Jim Williams with Dave Slade | KNKT Radio

The “Christ Virus” Interview Podcast

ABQ Connect radio interview 03-10-20

The Christ Virus Podcast

ABQ Connect radio interview 01-22-20

The Christ Virus Radio Spot

ABQ Connect radio interview 10-27-14

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