It seems each week delivers more troubling news about China. It was recently reported that China plans to increase its military budget by 12.7%. Granted the U.S. still spends about twice what China does, but remember that China’s economy is growing at an annual rate of 8 to 10% while the U.S. is hovering in the anemic 2 to 3% range. Many analysts project China will surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest economy in the next ten years.

The obvious implication is that China will be able to spend more on its military in the future than the U.S. It has a reported $2.5 trillion in assets compared to $14 trillion in red ink for the U.S.

Daniel 11:44 says “…news from the east and the north shall trouble him…” And Daniel 11:43 says the AntiChrist will have “power over the treasures of gold and silver.” So even with tremendous wealth and power, the AntiChrist will still be concerned about news from the East. No one can be certain if the reference is to China, but it is a trend worth watching.

For more information about China’s military buildup, please read the posted article.